Siri for Seniors (or Anyone)


If you have an iPhone 4s or later, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, or iPod touch (5th generation), meet your new best digital friend – Siri. You’ve probably been ignoring Siri a lot simply because you may not be comfortable using it. But if you’ll just talk to Siri as you would a friend, you’ll be amazed how much it will help you during your day. Let’s take a look at some of the most helpful things you can do. Continue reading

Mailbird: the Email App You Never Knew You Needed

Mailbird Logo Main

(Updated July 29, 2015) Email has been around for decades and we all take it for granted. In fact, it’s difficult to think there could be any such thing as a revolutionary email client these days. While all email apps may seem to get the job done in the end, why not use the best one available for Windows…especially if it’s free!  Continue reading

Keep Your Browsing Cookies Under Control

Browser Cookies

Have you ever looked at how many cookies your browser has stored? You may be surprised by the number. Some users reset browser cookies every day, ensuring that no cookies are ever stored for more than a day, and others let them build up for years. I’ve also seen computers where browser cookies have never been deleted, resulting in well over 20,000 cookies hanging around, taking up space and slowing computer performance. Now that’s a lot of cookies (unless, of course, they’re chocolate chip)! Let’s look at how to manage these cookies on both Windows (Internet Explorer 11) and Mac (Safari 8). Continue reading

How Safe are WiFi Hotspots?

wifi1 GingerB recently sent me the idea for this article, and it makes a lot of sense to write it. Many of us travel a lot, whether in business or just to visit our families and friends. We use our computers, smartphones and tablets in hotels, restaurants, and other places, but are these WiFi “Hot Spots” safe?   Continue reading

Charter Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

charter-direct-dish Many of you may be thinking about your options with regard to Charter Cable TV and Satellite (DIRECTV or Dish). Where I live more and more people are dumping Charter TV, but keeping Charter internet and/or telephone (or using other internet and telephone options). I was recently faced with this decision so I spent a week doing due diligence and here’s what I found. Continue reading

Disk Defragmentation

Disk Defrag

First, my apologies for the last two months of inactivity, but we took some time off to visit grandkids and family, and before I knew it the holidays were here. But one of my New Year’s resolutions is to write at least one helpful article (if not more) per month, so I’ll start with one that’s simple for you to do…but so important for keeping your computer running as fast as possible.

What is Disk Defragmentation

Defragmenting your hard disk is one of the best things you can do to speed up your Windows computer. Think of your hard drive as a file cabinet. If you’re like most people, you have your papers stored in alphabetized folders so you can find things easily. Continue reading

The Risk of Using Windows XP


Many of you out there (you know who you are) still use Windows XP on an old computer. Until recently, that was OK for a couple of good reasons. First, Windows XP is one of the most solid versions of Windows Microsoft ever produced, and also, though it’s old, it used to get regular Microsoft security updates. Continue reading

Twitter for Seniors


You’ve never used Twitter. You say you’re too old for Twitter…it’s only for kids, and you could care less about reading what Lady Gaga had for lunch today. So obviously, Twitter is not for you. Wrong! If these are your thoughts about Twitter, I can say with authority that Twitter is not what you think. Continue reading

Fixing Old Printers (with Even Older Versions of Windows)


Printers have been a technological pain forever, especially older ones that haven’t had their drivers or software properly updated. One day you try to print something and your printer doesn’t work, or you get an error saying it isn’t connected. So how many birthdays has your (non-working) printer had? And while we’re at it…are you still using it with a version of Windows even Bill Gates can’t remember…or doesn’t want to remember? Continue reading